Esuikup delight

Pageant Tips

Say the number sixteen repeatedly… That’s how does beauty queen keep that beautiful smile #peagenttips #MPABP

B’s of A Queen

Brave, beautiful, Bold, Brilliant, Bracing, Blissful, Buxom, Brisk And Beautiful in spirit, soul and body #beauty #MPABP

Miss Premium Africa

Miss Premium Africa promoting the African culture The definition of beauty and excellence.. Won’t you like to be the first ever Miss Premium Africa Beauty Queen Wear the crown! Own the stage!! Lead the way!!! And win awesome prices; A Car Landed property Brand ambassador… Read More »Miss Premium Africa

Better Together

The rose is pretty But a bouquet makes you jolly A lady lights up the room with her smile But bevy of┬ábeautiful ladies smiling gives the world it’s light It takes more than one to change the world We’re better together! #smiles #bettertogether #MPABP